Elm adds Willy Winch to significantly help workers in the field

As crafts people, we pride ourselves in our work we do.

We enjoy standing back at the end of the day and looking at what we built. A key part in getting that work done is having the right tools to do the job. This new section that we are adding to our monthly newsletter is to communicate with the company as to the new innovative tool investments we are making to allow our talented workforce to be more efficient and the work we do safer.

This month we would like to showcase “The Willy Winch.”

Our crews had to get innovative and find a solution for pulling 750 kcmil feeders through ladder tray on existing capped landfill with some pulls in excess of 1900’. The length of the pull itself was a challenge all on its own, but being on a landfill we were limited by the ground pressure we could apply to the cap. This makes hauling materials and heavy equipment a challenge.

Our crews would have had to physically carry around generators, fuel, wire tuggers, hammer drills and anchoring hardware if we were to do this with standard wire-pulling equipment. With the Willy Winch we were able to utilize the tracked equipment we already had on site and were able to quickly move from pull point to pull point with virtually little set up and breakdown.

Setup and breakdown is not the only advantage.

The winch itself has much faster pulling speeds than standard equipment. After the install of approximately 50,000’ of cable, our crews estimated that this tool saved us a weeks’ worth of work for six people. That’s nearly 240 man hours, which paid for this tool five times over!

Currently Elm owns two of these and have several mounting setups for skid steers and excavator buckets. If you’re interested in learning more you can visit their website or call to setup a time to see it in person at the shop.