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Elm hits home run on Cross Street Scoreboard project

Elm Service Manager Brian Palazzi recently oversaw a project for Westfield Little League on a brand new scoreboard. Noah Hennessey and Hunter Boisseau handled the work on the scoreboard for Elm.

Scott Hansen from Westfield Little League was so impressed with the job done by Noah and Hunter that he sent along this note:

Brian, I just want to say thank you again for the work that Elm did today for Westfield Little League down at our Cross Street field. Noah and Hunter were first-class and did a great job. It was a pleasure to work with both of these gentlemen along with yourself.  We are anxious to start using the new scoreboard. Donations of time and or materials from businesses like Elm have a great impact on the facilities that we have here in Westfield, and we have some of the nicest Little League fields in the area. 

Please forward this note on to the other personnel at Elm that supported this project.  Thank you again.

Kudos to Brian, Noah and Hunter on a job well done!

Shout out to Andrew Sareault!

Kudos to Andrew Sareault! Town of Bellingham DPW facilities supervisor Keith Pray took the time to share that there was a generator coolant leak at their Bellingham Potter Drive location. Andrew happened to be onsite troubleshooting a mission alarm issue and stepped up to keep “in contact throughout the whole process and repair—troubleshooting and testing … to get this resolved. He went above and beyond” and the client is hoping Andrew will be able to assist with other mission/control issues in the future.

Nice job, Andrew!

Congratulations to all the Elm employees who celebrated a work anniversary in May! And a special shoutout to Paul Asselin, who is celebrating a remarkable 40 years at Elm!

Please give a warm welcome to new hire Rick Martin and a “welcome back” to re-hires Kraig Geissler and Tyler Jaeger.

Electrical Safety Month: Bring Safety Home

In May, we asked you to take safety home and use safe work practices and procedures in your home. No matter the month, it’s always worth reviewing:

  • Use GFCI-protected circuits where water may be present (bathroom, kitchen, basement, garage, outdoors).
  • Test GFCI receptacles & circuits to ensure they provide shock protection
  • Look for the TEST button on receptacles & circuit breakers
  • Avoid using extension cords
  • Replace receptacles that have loose contact points with new tamper-resistant receptacles
  • Install arc fault/GFCI dual function circuit breakers for additional protection
  • Test Smoke Detectors
  • Replace smoke detectors over 10 years old (some expire after 5 years)
  • Install whole-house surge protection to protect life safety devices (smoke detectors, GFCI & AFCI circuits) from power surges

For more information, visit the Electrical Safety Foundation.

Westfield State University Welcome Baskets

Get ready to make a difference! Starting in mid-June, we’re kicking off our collection of back-to-school dorm essentials for the housing-insecure students at Westfield State University. We’re making it super easy for you to join in on this important cause, so keep your eyes peeled for more details coming your way!

Free massage? Yes, please.

Did you know that if you’re a Health New England insurance subscriber, you’re eligible to receive two FREE one-hour massages per year?Just submit this form for reimbursement. To learn more, click HERE.

Basswood Solar Runs a-fowl

In mid-May, a large wild grouse hit a fence up at the Basswood Solar site in Maine and broke its wing. Journeyman Dan Fagan called Aviary Haven rescue and the Elm and Phoenix solar crews joined forces to help recover the bird. Aviary Haven complimented our workers for being so caring with the bird and the environment. NICE JOB, Basswood crew! We’ll be raven about this one for a while.

HR Updates

A reminder to reach out to HR when you experience life events and milestones—buying a house, getting married, new children, change of address, divorce—or when you or a relative experience an illness or injury that may require you to be absent from work for more than a couple days. We have benefits & solutions available to you, but many of them have a specific window of time in which we can extend them.  Make Elm HR your first call and we can help you expertly navigate the planned and the unexpected.

Safety Alert

On Monday, an employee was working on a 3’ ladder when he lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Coworkers immediately came to his aid and he regained consciousness on his own after a few seconds. The employee was treated at the local medical facility and was determined to be dehydrated, which led to the loss of consciousness. 

It’s important to drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated during workdays. Symptoms of heat stroke include fainting, throbbing headache, dizziness, lack of sweating, vomiting or behavior changes such as confusion. Anyone displaying symptoms of heat stroke should seek immediate medical attention.

The person should be cooled down immediately in a shaded area or indoors. DO NOT let the victim drink or apply ice cold water as this can cause shock. Use cool water to lower the body temperature and remove any unnecessary clothing. Always keep an eye on your fellow employees when working in the extreme heat or sun.  

Healthy Social Media Practices

Social media is part of everyday life. Depending upon how social media is used, it can be a benefit or a potential risk to healthy living. Become more aware of current habits and learn responsible practices, including being able to set boundaries, protect privacy and stay grounded. A healthy relationship with social media means a healthier you.

Date: Thursday, June 13 
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. EST
Register: Registration(gotowebinar.com)

Earn: 50 Healthy Choices points (for HNE members) and a raffle entry for a 1 in 5 chance to win a $50 Dinner and Movie gift card.

$300 Bonus Offer from PNCU

The Polish National Credit Union is offering Elm employees a special deal: Open a Perks Checking Account through the Bank@Work Program and receive a $300 cash bonus.

The program offers:

  • refunds up to $10 a month in ATM fees
  • free ATM withdrawals at any SUM or MoneyPass network
  • money back on all debit MasterCard purchases

For more information, visit www.pncu.com or call PNCU at 413-592-9495.