Engineering’s collaborative robots the focus of three projects in August

By Mike Holmberg

Engineering is wrapping up three robotic projects this month.

Here’s a closer look at each of them…

1. Bonide – Using Elm’s “PALIT” Collaborative Palletizer – Bonide manufacturers of a rodent repellent product for Home Depot called MoleMax, we are providing a conveyor to organize 10 lb. bags of Repellent into groups of four and then pick and palletize four bags at a time onto a pallet. Total quantity on the pallet is 150 Bags at a rate of 15 bags per minute.

2. Bona – a manufacturer of floor cleaning products, Bona will also utilize Elms’s PALIT Collaborative Palletizer to palletize a variety of cases from 17” up to 28” in length and up to 12 lbs. per case. This new system will eliminate the need to manually palletize the product and allows the operators to focus on other areas of the operations.

3. Flowmatic – is a manufacturer of a variety of industrial valves. This project is to deliver a collaborative robotic machine tending cell. The Cell consists of a collaborative robot with an end of arm tooling and a vision system to detect part orientation. The robot will pick parts from a mobile drawer system that will collectively hold up to 600 parts and present the part to the vision system so that it can adjust the part orientation to then load the part into a CNC machine that will drill and tab the parts to the finished specifications. Once complete, the robot will return the part to the drawer. This will allow Flowmatic to run their CNC machine unattended for several hours.