From Bob’s Desk: Laying out the future of Elm

Recapping the Future of Elm Series:

From Part 1

While I have no plans to immediately retire, I know that a time will come when I will turn over the leadership of Elm to others. It is very important to me that the company, our culture, our technical skill and financial strength continues after I leave. I have studied many successful companies and have decided that the future of Elm is best secured by passing ownership of the company to the present and future leaders in a structured and methodical way.

From Part 2

It is a good time to be in the electrical business! Why is Elm in a good place for the future?

There is, at least in the U.S., a significant shift away from carbon-based fuels to electricity. We are seeing significant growth in the size of the PV projects we are being asked to perform. Construction of vehicle charging infrastructure has been increasing at a steady rate. I anticipate the size and capacity of future charging facilities will rival manufacturing electric services.  According to Insight, our core business should see growth over the next decade.

From Part 3

It is not possible to predict the future. Anyone who says they can is a liar! I am not a fortune teller or a liar, but I have a good understanding of how Elm has been successful over the last 50 years and how it will be guided into the future. Peter Drucker, the great business consultant, said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Good service and consistent reinvestment and renewal of our business is not rocket science, but it is engrained in our company DNA.

From Part 4

The next generation of leaders are already evolving in our organization and the slow process of shifting ownership has begun. The company will be guided into the future by a board of directors that will measure leadership by their behavior and alignment with the principles of safety, service, integrity and their ability to evolve the company.

When I suddenly became the majority owner in 2000, my goal was to “not mess it up” and I’m still at that place. I have great confidence in our leadership team to uphold the Elm Essentials of Safety, Service, Integrity and Evolution.


My plan is to transition from President to Chairman in the next year or so. I will remain Chairman and majority owner well into the future.  From Part 1: It is very important to me that the company, our culture, our technical skill and financial strength continues after I leave. I intend to lend guidance and remain invested in the company to help it continue its evolution.