Year One of Hands on Safety Training Day is complete

The Safety Department and Management would like to thank all of the employees who attended this year’s Hands On Safety Training Day!

This was the first cycle of the new and improved Hands On Safety Training Day, and from all of the feedback we received, we would say it has been a success! We took specific work scenarios and transformed them into a hands-on training session. The four scenarios are Wire Pulling Training, Core Drilling, Cad Welding (fire prevention/fire extinguisher) and Troubleshooting/ Motor Controls training.

Each scenario contained a brief overview of company policies in a classroom setting, and then employees went right into the hands-on training.

Don’t worry, if you weren’t scheduled to attend training this year, you will be in the future as this training day will be held on a 3-year cycle, meaning every employee will be required to attend every third year.

A huge shoutout is in order for our trainers – Travis Rogers (Wire Pulling), Dave Reed (Coring), Jason Buden (Cad Welding/Fire Prevention) and John Bridgman (Troubleshooting/ Motor Controls), who all took the time to help create these trainings, as well as made themselves available to help teach the scenarios. Shoutout to Rich Diaz for making sure all of the tools and equipment were available for the Hands On Safety Training Day, as well as helping out with the Core Drilling Training. A special thanks is also in order to some of the tenured employees who stepped up to assist in the training with newer employees, and even shared some personal experiences they’ve had with these scenarios in the field over the years.