Meet Bob Bacon

The President of Elm Electrical, Bob grew up in Haydenville, MA, and started working at Elm during a break from engineering school.

“I think I fell into something that suited me,” he said. “I was good at it and I’ve always been a pretty decent troubleshooter. I think that impressed Bob Schmidt [Elm’s founder]. He admired people who could troubleshoot stuff. I’m a very logical thinker and I would do troubleshooting in all the factories.”

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Bob Bacon | Dan Bacon | Keith Saltmarsh | Mike Holmberg | Pat Reinhardt

From 1995-2000, Bob bought the company out and immediately took the helm when Schmidt passed suddenly in 2000.

“We had the death of a founder, then you’ve got 9/11, COVID – these life-changing events – 2008 was a really scary situation with the economy, but we got through it and I guess I’ve gained some confidence along the way,” Bacon said. “I still think a lot about my decisions and what I do.

“I think Elm is a great company. I suppose everybody thinks their company is exceptional, but the data that we see and the results that we see and the peers we have, we really are an exceptional company. That’s why I think it’s important that the place continues. It’s a great place to work.” When he’s not working, Bob enjoys several hobbies, including flying planes, teaching others as a flight instructor and – in the winters – skiing. In fact, Bob has high credentials in the ski coaching world as a Level 300 ski-racing coach.