Meet Keith Saltmarsh

A Senior Vice President at Elm, 2023 marks a remarkable 36 years at the company for Keith Saltmarsh.

Keith has responsibility for all of Construction and oversees – through Senior Managers – Service, Marlborough, Piper, One Development & Construction,Shipping/Receiving, and has some administrative oversight.

“Basically, anything with construction comes under my umbrella,” Keith said. “But I’ve got really great managers here at Elm. We have guys who have come up through the field and transitioned into management. We’ve got really good leaders. I’ve got my hands in a fair amount of everything.”

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Bob Bacon | Dan Bacon | Keith Saltmarsh | Mike Holmberg | Pat Reinhardt

When Keith began his career at Elm, he estimates there were roughly 25 employees. That number now is well over 200.

“How it’s evolved and continually sustained its base – I’m really proud of it,” Keith told us. “But I think it all goes back to the people who work here, people that I’ve interacted with. Everybody just works together to common goal to provide good product, good service, but then also to provide a good place of employment for all our workers. So, it’s a lot of give and take with everybody through the years, but at the end of the day, employees have to win, we have to win, customers have to win. It’s a really nice relationship that I think we work really hard at. We work at really doing everything right. We stumble from time to time, but as long as we’re all willing to admit when we need to make an adjustment and we do it, then everybody’s going to win.”

Outside of work, Keith enjoys spending as much time as he can with his family as well as hunting, fishing and spending time at his camp logging.