Meet the Elm Board of Directors

By Bob Bacon

I would imagine you all have a friend or acquaintance who seems to know it all, or at least thinks they do. I know someone who was once pronounced as: “He may not always be right. But, he is never not confident!”

Having a board and coworkers who are willing to challenge my ideas and decisions has led to some of the better things we have been able to achieve. Many years ago, I coined the phrase: ‘Bob Bacon and the yes men.’ I would use it when I felt like folks were just agreeing with me and didn’t really agree with me. Thankfully those days are long gone!

Me and future presidents have a boss — it is the board of directors. As Elm evolves and it has more shareholders (owners of the company), the role of the directors to represent those owners will become increasingly important. They will insure that management protects and maintains the Elm Essentials of safety, service, integrity and evolution.

Here is a look at thee Elm Board of Directors:

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