Piper Electric: Work at stone plants, quarries and asphalt plants starts up

By Tom Tamalavitch

Here’s a drone photo of the new Piper Electric building with red brick. The old building is in the back left of the photo, right behind the Piper vehicles.

It’s the time of year at Piper Electric where work starts up at stone plants, quarries and asphalt plants.

Piper services around a dozen facilities, which has kept us busy. Our service has remained busy as well. We recently completed a project in Littleton, MA at Patriot Beverages. The crew worked early and long hours to dismantle conveying control and motor wiring so that a labeler could be replaced.

Once the labeler was replaced, they proceeded to rewire the conveyors and motors, then re-feed the new equipment. A great job done by Jeff Caron, Andy Welch, Doug Martin, Jeff Schrecke, Bobby Lovell and Tyler Camelo. 

We have now been our new building for over a year (photo above). It’s a large improvement compared to our old shop, which will be turned into additional warehousing. There is plenty of room for our continued growth.  


Isaiah Goguen, who was in a bad motorcycle accident, will finally be returning to work in a week or so.