Elm Electrical was brought on by Fuel Cell Energy Inc. of CT to help determine if their standard DFC 1500 power plant with heat recovery option would fit into a congested location at Trinity College. Knowing the site was within inches of working, Elm decided to utilize our point cloud scanning equipment allowing to us to collect exact measurement and existing grades of the site location. Within two weeks of collecting data, we were able to not only provide a detailed budget proposal, but also a 3D model of what the proposed site would look like after construction. With these in hand, Elm’s customer was able to close the agreement and construction began months later.

  • Complete site, structural, architectural, electrical & mechanical engineering of site
  • Coordination of permits with local AHJ for construction of project
  • All site, structural, electrical & mechanical installations
  •  Utility connection of electrical, water, sewer & natural gas
  • All rigging & installation of FCE DFC 1500 Power Plant
  • All engineering, procurement & installation of heat recovery system & interconnection into existing plant steam systems
  • Coordination of excavation for the installation of utility high-pressure gas supply from 3500’ away for site through active campus
Location: Hartford, CT
Engineering: EPC
Market Sector: Industrial, Cogeneration, Fuel Cell
Year started: 2017
Duration: 1 Year