Reporting work incidents and making sure safety is always No. 1 priority

Incident Reporting

The company has been involved in a few incidents in the beginning months of 2024. The Safety Department and Upper Management would like to thank our employees for following the reporting process in a timely manner, and remind ALL employees if they are involved in an incident, accident or near miss, you must report them to your supervisor and the Accident Reporting Coordinator (ARC – Seanna Arana @ 413-579-2051) as soon as possible. The health and safety of our fellow employees is always priority 1. Once the employee is in a safe location and emergency services have been notified (if applicable), contact your supervisor and ARC to complete an incident report.

If you see an unsafe condition or situation, exercise your Stop Work Authority.


May is Fall Prevention in the Workplace Month!

Be on the lookout for the Safety Department in the month of May, bringing you a food-filled Fall Protection Stand Down.