Safety: Reviewing the new hazard assessment process

As a reminder of the new Hazard assessment process, please see below.

The Work Flow is to be performed in the following order:

1. Job Brief: Whether you are a crew of one person or a crew of multiple employees, subcontractors, vendors, etc. Prior to the start of the Work – Every job will start with a Job Briefing. You are to review the work ahead, understand it, discuss and share with the crew the work they are about to perform. Make sure everyone is trained to safely perform the work, everyone involved knows what to do, has the skill to do it, how to do it, and when to do it. Have a discussion about the work and make sure everyone understands what is to be done. 

2. Hazard Assessment: Once everyone knows the work to be done, you are expected to perform a hazard assessment of the work and work area. Utilize the hazard assessment tools you have been provided. These are fairly self-explanatory. Review and openly discuss the hazards that may be present. Do your due diligence to leave no stone unturned for safety. While executing the hazard assessment if at any time you feel you cannot mitigate a hazard, you are not authorized to perform the work. Contact Safety or Senior Management if you feel you or your crew need assistance in mitigating a hazard. By completing a hazard assessment, you are confirming that you can perform the work safely.

3. Perform the Work: Once the job brief has been completed, everyone understands the task ahead, a hazard assessment has been completed and shared with everyone, go ahead and Perform the Work.

4. Repeat: If at any time the work changes or the hazard changes during the performance of the work or throughout the work day, start back at item 1. Repeat as often as needed throughout the day until the work is done.

By following the work flow above we are allowing all of us the best opportunity to be successful, efficient and safe during the work day.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your hazard assessments, please reach out to the Safety department.

Safety Contacts:

Bob Houghton , 413-237-4374,

Nick Mulveyhill, 413-454-7628,

One more thing

Driving reminder: Since we turned back the clocks and it’s getting darker earlier in the day, please be aware of wildlife, road conditions and always obey the speed limit.