Service team members shine with over 7,500 work orders completed in last year

By Brian Palazzi

Service has been extremely busy.  It is very exciting to have such a solid base of customers that depend on us as their primary electricians. Over the last year alone, the service department completed over 7,500 work orders with 17 technicians, some were borrowed from other departments. This does not include all the projects completed as well!

Did you know that we have several employees that report directly to customer sites 40 hours every week? We support Sonoco, JS Lane, Palmer Paving and Titeflex with day-to-day electrical services. Many other customers have one of our people on site 2-3 days every week. US Tsubaki has had consecutive small projects keeping us on site since the fall 2023!   

The “Aggregate Team” have been “Crushing it” (pun intended)

·         A recently completed silo upgrade project at Palmer Paving in Springfield. The team had very little direction from the customer and pulled it together seamlessly for a very clean startup. 

·         Elm was called to John S Lane Oxford for a trouble call months ago and they have not let us leave since. Many projects completed include new belt scales on finished materials, networking projects, new service for portable crushing chassis and air separators.  Ryan and the team wired an entirely new Metso GP300 Secondary Crusher including a 300HP and all the associated equipment.

·         John S Lane is finishing up installation of a new crusher on top of an endless supply of projects that hit his desk with very little notice and even less information. The amount of work completed in the Westfield John S Lane plants over the last year is staggering!

·         Northeast Paving, Ondrick, Tonolino, William Stone and many others are also constantly in upgrading and improving.  

The local manufacturing plants, water and wastewater facilities rely heavily on Elm Electrical for service support. We are regularly involved with smaller upgrades and seemingly unending trouble calls.  Each company has their favorite technician but it is always nice to hear how impressed with the knowledge of everyone we send to do the work.

One of the larger projects we have currently is a “dish heater” project. This will heat the satellite dishes up so they do not have to clear snow and ice in the winter. Who would have guessed that would be a thing?  

Our “on call” list has grown over the years. We are now up to 13 electricians that split the coverage! Each person covers 1 week at a time, splitting the year up (4 weeks per year). These 13 people provide 24-hour service for customers in the off hours. Things ranging from replacing blown fuses and tripped overloads to troubleshooting and replacing a VFD with a customer spare. Just a few weekends ago we had to replace a blown fuse for a heater band and a solid state relay for a die heat zone. The customer had all the parts but do not allow non-electricians to open control cabinets.

We cannot talk service without mentioning Mary Silva. Of the 7,500 service work orders, Mary likely opened 7,400 personally. Mary keeps her computer with her on the weekends to open work orders for emergency calls when needed. She is the top investigator when we are trying to locate the project that had a special widget from 2019 and helps work through any billing conflicts customers have. Without Mary kindly reminding us each week to close work orders, we would have 7,450 still open this year. Mary is the heart of the department. 

AC Tank upgrade at Palmer Paving in Springfield

By Andrew Freniere

Palmer Paving in Springfield did a AC tank upgrade. Going form 3 tanks to 4 tanks. Elm Electrical was responsible for the following:

1.       Disconnect and document of all electrical in old tank farm.

2.       Utilize existing conduits for all new electrical equipment. ( no new conduits could be installed) 

3.       Coordinate between customer Palmer Paving and designers, installers and automation engineers on behalf of Palmer Paving all aspects of Automation and Electrical. 

4.       Layout of underground conduits and grounding of asphalt tanks.  

5.       Wire all new equipment to include liquid asphalt pumps, hot oil pumps, valves, level sensors, presser sensors, misc. 

6.       Preform startup with Automation company.