Tips to stay safe as the weather turns; Piper’s Aerial Lift Training goes off without a hitch

The Safety Department and Management would like to remind all employees that though the holidays are supposed to be a joyous time, they can also lead to some added stress. Stress about traveling, buying gifts, or just added pressures around this time of year. Be sure to get a good night’s rest whenever possible, and stay focused at work. Take the extra few moments to complete your Hazard Assessments and pre work meetings, as these processes have been a focus of the company in the past months.

Additionally, the winter weather is right around the corner. I’m sure some of us would love a white Christmas, so always remember to clear off your windshields, windows and roofs of vehicles before driving. Nothing is that urgent to put yourself or someone else in harm’s way. As always, the Safety Department and Management would like to thank everyone for their cooperation with all company policies and procedures and wishes everyone very happy holidays!

Finally, the Safety Department would like to thank Piper for their participation in Aerial Lift Training that was held a few weeks ago. All employees did a fantastic job and passed the training with flying colors. Huge thanks goes out to Tom Tamalavitch for assisting with the scheduling and ensuring all employees were available to attend!

Here are some photos from the training day: