By the numbers: Elm’s fleet traveled nearly 2.5 million miles in 2023 and more fascinating stats

As a company we do a lot of driving to work and customer sites. Here are the 2023 fleet statistics for the company:

Ninety-six times around the world. That’s impressive!

With the average vehicle driving 12,409 miles, we need to stay vigilante on the road and focus on defensive driving. When possible, back into a parking spot so you are pulling out instead of backing out. Always check your mirrors for other drivers while changing lanes or making turns. Not everyone is as courteous as you.

Remember to always obey the speed limit and rules of the road. Stay awake and take a break when you’re feeling tired on those long trips to the jobsite. The Safety Department and upper management appreciate your contained efforts to bring Safety to the Next Level. Great job in 2023 and let’s keep improving as we roll into 2024!