Reviewing National Ladder Safety Month

The month of March has been National Ladder Safety Month. In that spirit, it feels like a great time to review our own ladder safety protocols at Elm. Here are some tips from our Safety Department that you’ll want to keep top of mind when your work calls for using a ladder.

When using a ladder, be sure to:

  • Ensure you have proper training on the specific ladder to be sued
  • Inspect ladder prior to each use
  • Proper setup of ladder (clean and stable ground)
  • Use 3 points of contact when ascending and descending ladders
  • Choose the right ladder for the task
  • Secure ladder at the top and base whenever possible
  • Properly secure ladders to vehicles
  • If a ladder is damaged, tag it out of service and remove it from site immediately

The Safety Department and Upper Management appreciate everyone’s effort bringing Safety to The Next Level with proper use of ladders!