Health New England honors Elm with ‘Well Worth it Award’

Elm has been honored with the GOLD level Health New England Well Worth It Award!

Health New England’s goal is to honor the hard work and dedication of organizations that are creating positive work environments and have a hand in advancing the overall wellness in Massachusetts. Elm has offered a wide umbrella of wellness programming and Health New England’s review committee reported it was, “very impressed learning about them all this year.”

Health New England highlighted Elm’s strengths…

Program Strengths:

  • Well rounded programs with options that touch all aspects of well-being, balancing physical, mental, nutritional and financial health.
  • Quality and scheduled communications encouraging wellness programs, benefits, and education that are creative and personalized.
  • Using employee, human resources and health insurance feedback to determine programming and incentives. This also resulted in the improvement of the existing EAP program.
  • Implementing a physical activity app that worked best for the worksite.
  • Strong workplace culture that prioritizes wellness and safety from the top down.
  • Upper management is kept informed of program progress and successes.
  • Solid mission and incentive structure with a supportive wellness committee.
  • Developed a vessel for employees to give back with a community giving program.

On October 6, Deana Casamento collected the award on behalf of Elm.

Congratulations to the following Elm employees celebrating a work anniversary in October!

Please help us give a nice, warm welcome to the following new hires at Elm:

ToolWatch: Elm’s New Tool Management Software

Have you ever been frustrated trying to track down the tools you need? Have you ever had a tool delivered to you and it wasn’t what you were expecting to receive, or worse, it wasn’t working properly when you received it?

Sure you have, we all have, but it’s not acceptable. In the field there are a lot of things we can control and a lot of things out of our control that we need to be flexible with and be able to adapt to in order to get our jobs done. Getting the equipment you need when you need it should be as easy as creating a list, providing the date/duration you need this equipment and telling us where you want it delivered. Well that’s what we have been working towards over the last few months and we have been working to put the right pieces in place to get this off the ground.

The key to success with anything is having the right people in place, the right tools for them to succeed and having clear goals for them to achieve. We can say with confidence that we definitely have found the right person for the job! Rich Diaz has been with Elm for 15 years and started out as an apprentice, achieved his journeyman electrical license and most recently has been supporting key customers as an account manager. If you know Rich you know he is hard working, reliable, solutions oriented and overall just a great guy. It just so happens as we started down the road to find an Assets Manager that Rich was looking for a change as well. Rich is currently working to track down all Elm’s tools, get them inventoried, track their condition and finally — and most importantly — track their location. He will be reaching out in the near future to our foremen to get everyone trained in these new processes.

In order for Rich and the rest of us to be successful, we need the right tool to help us keep all this information organized. After reviewing several platforms, it was clear that ToolWatch stood out from the others. Toolwatch’s platform is cloud based and will allow all employees to access a digital catalog of Elm’s tools, their current location and the tool maintenance and operation manuals from your phone, tablet, or PC.

As with any software, it is only as good as the information we provide it. It will be vital that everyone requesting tools are disciplined in using the software or notifying Rich on the movement of tools between the field and office or between jobs. We have heard the concerns, we have made the investments, now it’s up to all of us to use this tool so we can succeed. How will we know if we are succeeding? When field crews are no longer driving all over the place to get tools, worrying if the tools they are getting are broken/missing parts, or worst case scenario, not working safely because we don’t have what we need.

Our goal back at the shop/warehouse is to fill your equipment checklist, in full, on time, whether that means buying new tools, renting the equipment you need, or tracking that tool down from another site that no longer needs this equipment.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what’s to come feel free to reach out to Rich ( or Tim ( If we are not succeeding we want to know!

ONE Development flourishes, continues to meet — or beat — deadlines

Here’s a closer look at projects completed by ONE Development in Spring and Summer of 2022:

Trusted Medical Build-Out
Middletown, CT
Project Type: Commercial/ Medical
Plan Type: Spec Build
Building size: 3,300 SF
Completed: June 2022

Project Description: 3,300 square foot medical build-out featuring seven exam rooms, an audio room for hearing testing, 4 restrooms and a reception and waiting area. Trusted Medical is affiliated with Middlesex Hospital and   assists veterans with medical care. Elm Electric provided design-build electrical for this project. Client requested an aggressive two month construction schedule which was met with a few days to spare. Fred Fruwirth, One Development Carpenter, stepped up to supervise this project and push it to successful completion. Nice Job!

Social Security Administration Field Office Build-Out

Location: Middletown, CT
Project Type: Commercial/ Government Office  
Plan Type: Spec Build
Building size: 4,500 SF
Completed: April 2022

Project Description: 4,500 square foot office build-out featuring a guard station, waiting area, customer service stations, 3 restrooms, break room, training area and management offices. Daily coordination with the Social Security and the General Service Administration was a critical part in installing advanced security and data systems specific to Government Agencies.  Project was completed in a 5-month duration despite extended material lead times, labor shortages and utility delays.  Project sold by Gary Dayharsh, supervised by Craig Jaremczuk and Project Managed by Brad Miller.

Fuel Services Garage
South Hadley, MA
Project Type: Commercial/ Industrial
Plan Type: Spec Build, Furnish and Erect
Building size: 3,250 SF
Completed: June 2022

Project Description: 3,250 square foot, clear span, Pre-engineered Butler Building featuring an 18’ eave height, MR-24 roof, Butler Rib Wall Panels and 3 overhead garage doors. This vehicle storage building will be used to house Fuel Services oil trucks. Project sold by Mike Byrnes. PM and Supervised by Brad Miller.

Employee Spotlight: Drew Hunt

Away from work, Drew Hunt enjoys fishing and hiking.

Q: How long have you been working at Elm?

A: I have been working at Elm for just over one year. I was hired June of 2021.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your role at Elm?

A: I am a Power Engineer here at Elm. I do a wide variety of jobs. I work on Arc Flash projects for customers, creating a one-lines for customers as well as Arc Flash Stickers to be applied to their equipment for safety purposes. I also help out with Power Quality jobs, installing power meters for customers and analyzing the collected data to help diagnose any power issues the customer may be having. Lastly, I am part of the testing group here at Elm. I spend a lot of time traveling to different Solar Sites to complete Acceptance Testing, testing transformers, switchboards, pole-top equipment, and relays to ensure they are all functional before the site is turned on. I also help do Maintenance Testing for customers during planned outages, mostly testing Circuit Breakers via Primary Injection to confirm they are tripping within their allowed tolerances.

Q: What are some of the things you enjoy most about working at Elm?

A:  I really enjoy the culture here at Elm. Everyone is so easy to talk to and friendly whether it’s a day in the office or a day in the field, it makes working just so much more enjoyable. It’s easy to tell just how much everyone is truly invested into this company. Some of my favorite days at work are working collaboratively with others, whether it’s testing or diagnosing issues it’s always a pleasure no matter who I am working with.

Q: What has been one of your most rewarding experiences at Elm?

A:  One of the most rewarding experiences I have had at Elm has been completing an Arc Flash Study and seeing the Labels be applied to equipment. It is a great feeling knowing that these labels will help protect and inform anyone that needs to work on the equipment. These labels help show them exactly what they need to be wearing for PPE to stay safe.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

A: My biggest hobbies outside of work are fishing and hiking. I try to go fishing or at least get outside and go for a walk in the woods a few times a week after work.

Q: Do you have a particular hobby or talent that co-workers may not know about?

A: A lesser known hobby of mine is keeping snakes. For some reason I always just loved reptiles. I have two snakes at home, a California King Snake, and a Saharan Sand Boa.

From Bob’s Desk: Recession talk

Recessions make me nervous.

In my 40+ years here at Elm I have been through three major economic recessions. They were in 1990, 2001 and 2008.

The worst for us was 1990. It had a major impact on the construction business. The cause was sloppy bank lending to builders and developers. Several regional banks failed and some folks even went to jail for fraud. Elm was much smaller then and we came very close to running out of work that year. As a company built on its good people we never want to run out of work. I was pretty freaked out when we had only a couple weeks of work. But we landed a couple of projects and things began to recover. Ever since then when I hear the word “recession,” I get nervous.

In contrast to what we are all seeing and hearing in the media business, at Elm our business continues to be strong and normal. Tim Rzeszutek told me yesterday his backlog is good and we will need to work to get it all done. Derek Helie and the One Development team just landed an industrial building project that will anchor that group for over a year. Mike Holmberg tells me the engineering group has enough work and good prospects, but can’t get materials because of supplier shortages that have existed since COVID. This has put a serious drag on our automation business.

Construction and industrial service work has held steady. Keith Saltmarsh feels the outlook is okay. We continue to bid and get projects at appropriate pricing levels, and our industrial client activity is normal.

While I admit to being a bit nervous, our actual data and backlog look pretty good and some recessions seem to pass us by. As always, if you know anyone who would be a good fit here at Elm send them in.

Thanks for all you do!

Bob Bacon

PS – Now would be a great time to increase your 401K contribution while the market is down.

Elm receives ABC Diamond Safety Award for 2022

The ABC National Safety Excellence Awards recognize companies that exhibit a continued commitment to jobsite safety and whose safety performance and programs are judged to be exemplary by the ABC National Health and Safety Committee. Awards are based on data submitted via STEP applications, essay questions and video interviews with company presidents/CEOs/principals about their corporate safety culture. Award categories are based on a company’s total work hours per calendar year and placement within the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS codes).

Thanks to everyone’s continued commitment to working safety, Elm has received the highest safety award — the ABC Diamond Award.

Job well done!

Coming soon: Elm’s own SafetyNet. More information on its way.

The Beginning of the END of Pure Safety

We are transitioning from Pure Safety to a new platform called Succeed/ KPA. You will start to see trainings coming in.

Keep an eye out for emails from (Safety@ Elm Electrical, INC).

Elm U wraps up Futures Summer Camp; Revised schedule for Apprentice Training released

Elm University recently hosted Bill Schneeloch from Kinsley Power Systems, who did an excellent presentation on emergency generators. Students learned some important information on the installation of generators and also general information about sizing these units as they are a limited source of power and may need to be upsized for motor and UPS loads. Bill discussed different types of weather enclosures and sound attenuated enclosures, including one project where they used a prefabricated concrete building for cost savings and curb appeal. This was an excellent introduction to generators and everyone learned something, including the instructors. Matt York is working on guest speakers for the upcoming new school year. 

Elm University wrapped up its third and final Elm Futures Summer Camp with a great group of students.

Final classes for the Elm University Apprentice Training Program 2021-2022 school year took place on August 19th and August 26th. The new school year began on September 9th for Level 3 and Level 4 and September 16th for Levels 1 and 2. This is slightly different than the original schedule as the school weeks were swapped to help avoid scheduling conflicts for projects. Below is the revised schedule. If you have any questions contact Paul Asselin 413-575-7971.

How Elm’s Service Department provides emergency response, keeps customers up and running

The primary role of our service department is providing emergency response service to customers to ensure they stay running and productive. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible when customer needs come up. Behind that role is developing and maintaining a relationship with customers. We want them to rely on Elm Electrical to be an extension of their maintenance and engineering departments. This allows us to be the first in line for large projects and pulling different business units in for work. Many large customers started working with Elm after a late Friday afternoon service call for a down machine and continue to use us for all their project and engineering work.

The way Elm has done this is with a dedicated cast of very diverse electricians and apprentices. Never backing down from a challenging trouble call, and following up with additional resources when needed, makes us a contractor that is hard to beat. We have heard from many customers that “Elm isn’t the least expensive contractor out there, but we can always depend on the job being completed as requested and on time, and that is worth it to us.”

We are always excited to help out all the business units. Sometimes it is adding horsepower to large construction jobs when required, supporting engineering projects with upgrades at customer sites or supporting the Testing Group with some pull through repairs after or an infrared survey.  

Here are a few pictures of some work the service department has done recently at Mestek Plant (wide moves and upgrades) and Adhesive Applications (controls upgrade — a collaboration between Engineering, Panel Shop and Service):